Presenting the trailer for my forthcoming book, I Eat Cannibals. The wonderful Paul Cunningham created it, using references from the title poem which include the titular song by Toto Coelo, the film Badlands, Joanna Newsom’s “Swansea,” Rachel Feinstein’s sculptures, and the spooky guide of the book, the cassowary.

Arielle Greenberg says of the book:

In I Eat Cannibals, the spacey-smart, anxious-bold, seriously funny speaker plays every possible role—zoo animal, redhead, pioneer, corset, priest—opposite women who are crushes, heroines and BFFs. The poems channel like mediums at seances, and they time-travel (though admittedly mostly just to shop), drawing Dickinson and Sharon Tate into a contemporary world of “spiritually iridescent horror” where the dominant mode of being is Complicit. “For what I’ve done / I’m sorry,” Abelkop writes, “I do it / every day.” Readers of this work are glad she does.”

You can pre-order it here.